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About us

About Us

We offer a unique experience for Smallworld™ customers by providing the best application support services. We believe when the global Smallworld™ users like you connect on a single platform is beneficial and great savings to your business.

You can connect with peers in the industry, raise issues, and seek resolution. Joining a shared application support service, you can save cost, get coverage of all the skills needed, get to learn the latest & save on your training investment.We work together across boundaries to meet your needs and help you win.


We are on a mission to make GIS Great; we believe utilities & telecom companies need GIS that beyond the maps.

World’s best and smart utilities are using GE Smallworld to maintain their assets efficiently.
The benefit of GIS amplifies when the experiences are shared, your queries are answered, you get easy access to the best talent and most importantly your SMALLWORLD kept healthy all time.


The future is you, and we are building the tomorrow to rise from the hope to certainty with a promise to give the best tomorrow to the next generations.

We do this by helping communications, power, gas, and water distribution companies in managing their network assets efficiently.

MagikMinds is building a better tomorrow for leading utilities and communications companies around the world.